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CPLD Course: Teaching Early Reading

Date: 7th February   |   Price: ¬£60   |   Location: Winhills Training Centre   |   Apply: Click here

This course will support teachers and Teaching Assistants in gaining a better understanding of how children learn to read. You will explore the stages children go through when learning to read and discover a range of strategies to support children at the different stages of this process. You will also have the opportunity to discuss practical resources  to impact on reading development.


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Location of this course

The Diamond Training centre is an established educational training facility based at Winhills Primary Academy in St Neots. Situated off the A428 near the A1, our bespoke training room provides excellent IT facilities and WiFi. Refreshments are included.

Winhills Training Centre, Off Duck Lane, St Neots, PE19 2DX

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