The Diamond Teaching School Alliance offers a range of courses and programmes for teachers and Teaching Assistants. The courses available cover up-to-date initiatives in education which will further develop colleagues’ practice.

For further information and to book a place on any of the Diamond Teaching School courses please select the appropriate course from the list below.

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CPLD Course Audience Term Apply
English Subject Leader Development Days Subject Leaders 27th September, 31st January and 13th June* DATE CHANGE Book Course
Maths Subject Leader Development Days Subject Leaders 27th September, 23rd January and 12th June Book Course
Mastery in the Maths Curriculum Teachers in KS1 and KS2 20th November, 26th February and 2nd April Book Course
Teaching Early Reading Teachers, Teaching Assistants 7th February Book Course
Developing Investigative Science Teachers, Teaching Assistants Two parts - 5th March and 30th April Book Course
Moderating Year 6 Writing Year 6 teachers, English subject leader, Phase leader 1st May 2019 Book Course
Key Stage 1 Moderation Teachers 19th March Book Course
Success in Years 5 and 6 Teachers, Teaching Assistants Three parts - 8th October, 12th November and 4th February Book Course
Success in Year 2 Teachers, Teaching Assistants Two parts - 10th October and 27th February* DATE CHANGE Book Course
Success in EYFS Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Phase Leader Three parts - October, February & May Book Course
HLTA Preparation and Assessment Teaching Assistants 20th May 2019 and 24th June 2019 Book Course
NQT Induction Programme NQTs Throughout the year - Thursdays Book Course
Early Career Development Programme Teachers 30th November 2018, 19th March 2019 and 20th June 2019 Book Course
Using Stories in Maths EYFS and KS1 teachers and Teaching Assistants 22nd January and 12th March Book Course